About us

At Dolarch Couture Homes, we are passionate about the business of building luxury homes and are proud of the homes we deliver.


We practice the philosophy of “useful innovation.” To us, this means focusing on technologies that benefit you through improved product quality, greater value and a better home buying experience.

If you use the words “cutting edge” around homebuilding, a lot of people assume you’re talking about a wood saw. Not at Dolarch Couture Homes, where innovation and cutting-edge thinking are obvious in the homes we build…and how we build them. Today, the “edge” is found where ethnographic research and architectural and interior design integrate with technology to streamline how we design and build your home and communicate with you, our customer.

Innovation at Dolarch Couture Homes goes well beyond the use of the technology. The homes we design and build incorporate the latest thinking in interior space design, innovative materials and environmentally friendly building practices.

It’s not just what we build, but how we build. Technology helps us fully integrate the complex process of building a home. As materials are delivered and construction advances, our building team uses field-based computers to track the building process and provide real-time status updates to trade partners, our corporate office, and you.

Uncommon Homes…

An Uncommon Home is the outward expression of your internal spirit… a reflection of who you are and the story of your journey through life. An Uncommon Home is a secure place of style, comfort and renewal. That special place shared only with family and friends; the outward symbol of achievement earned and a place to cherish privacy.

The Value Added For You

An Uncommon Home crafted with uncompromising quality, unmatched value delivered on-budget and on-time. What follows is our story of an unrivaled luxury homebuilding process that is simple, enjoyable, and creates a rewarding experience for you. This is our way of thinking. It’s what makes a Uncommon Home more valuable for you.

Lifestyle Discovery

Whether your lifestyle is defined by your cherished Yorkie, your passion for cooking or love for entertaining, we will incorporate your lifestyle into your home’s design. For your Yorkie, your home may include a pet apartment nestled under the stairs, complete with accommodations for pet supplies.

Where We Build

At Dolarch Couture Homes, we build Uncommon Homes at the intersection of your unique spirit and our knowledge to provide you with superior value & a five star experience. We build in Pretoria, Midrand, Johannesburg and Knysna. We focus on exclusive gated golf course communities & waterfront properties and will build on your lot or help you find a home site that meets your needs with your Realtor.


We apply the same discipline to ensure the construction of your home goes smoothly. Working with the most qualified trade partners, we proactively manage the quality of construction of your home. The construction phase is typically one of the most exciting times for our customers. It’s a time when your dreams start to take shape and become a reality. We encourage you to participate during construction to whatever degree you desire and we have designed several points along the way to meet with you in person or online to review our progress, reconfirm your expectations, and answer any questions you might have.

Constructability Analysis

Prior to starting construction, we submit your home to a rigorous constructability analysis using the latest Computer Assisted Design (CAD) that uses super computing power to detect and correct errors during the planning process. We also use cutting-edge 3D modeling technologies to build your home electronically and prototypically before it’s built in the field. Our team reviews your architectural, hardscape and landscape plans to determine the “constructability” of all major systems in the home and to confirm your home’s design is in sync with your objectives. We analyze your plans in detail to uncover inconsistencies, calculate materials quantities, refine construction methods, develop construction sequences and identify value engineering opportunities – all prior to beginning construction. The findings of the analysis enable us to reduce change orders and construction delays and ultimately save you both time and money.

Our Projects

here is what we are up to


Irene Country Club

Set in the beautiful East of Pretoria, this home is being build for John Smith, CEO of a mega corporation. Click the link below to follow the progress on Twitter.


Kyalami Equestrian Estate

Arcitechture so suit the landscape, a design close to our hearts. Click the links below to view the YouTube Videos.


Knysna Country Club

Set in the picturesque town of Knysna in the Eastern Cape, this beautiful property is the latest of our completions.

    Our Guiding Principles

    At Dolarch Couture Homes, we are passionate about the business of building luxury homes and are proud of the homes we deliver. Our company is built on a set of guiding principles that establish the basis for our decisions and interactions with you and our trade partners.

    Green Building

    Dolarch Couture Homes is committed to seeking out new and better ways to build and develop properties that are environmentally friendly. Why? Because, building in a green and sustainable manner serves two very important purposes at Dolarch Couture Homes. First, we take responsibility to protect our natural resources for the benefit of future generations. Second, we want to ensure that every home we build takes into account your health, safety, and the operating and maintenance costs associated with the home. At Dolarch Couture Homes we also provide our clients with a variety of options that can take a home to an even “deeper shade” of green if they choose. Our list of standards is extensive and includes such products as soy based open cell foam insulation in attic spaces and core filled in all exterior walls, high-efficiency HVAC systems, Energy Star appliances, tankless water heater and re-circulation systems, low- or no-VOC paints and finishes, chlorine-free pool filtration systems, and many other products that are renewable, reusable, and recyclable.


    We understand that quality of workmanship and materials is the number one factor in determining your overall satisfaction with us as your builder. Your satisfaction is critical to us achieving our goals. We never stop talking with our clients about their expectations, seeking their feedback on everything they like and dislike about envisioning, crafting and experiencing their home. Then we act on that feedback by continuously improving business processes and deploying these best practices throughout our organization. We believe to be successful, quality ceases to be simply a word and instead becomes a corporate culture. We’re constantly building on this culture at Couture Homes.


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